Week 2: Promote your business – Digital Promotions

This week’s subjet explores the implications of digital promotions and social media for marketing planning. In the UK spend on online advertising is now the most popular media for advertisers having overtaken the spend on television advertising. This includes social media, mobile marketing, video and online display advertising, all of which are increasing in terms of spend year on year (Marketing Teacher.2015)

Mobile marketing refers to the creation and delivery of marketing communications messages through mobile devices

(phones, smartphones or tablet computers). computers). images

Early examples of mobile marketing involved sending text messages containing advertising to willing recipients. However, widespread adoption of smartphones and wireless tablet computers has increased capacity for visual content as well as text-based content. Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular, but not all consumers are keen to receive marketing messages via their phones. Research found that 75 per cent of consumers in the UK were happy to get offers via their handsets compared to 72 per cent in the USA, 50 per cent in France and 46 per cent in Germany (Pavlot et al.2008). Nevertheless, one of the most rapidly growing forms of mobile marketing is smartphone applications (apps). For example, the deodorant brand Lynx, which is targeted mainly at young males, developed two mobile phone apps designed to help young guys be more successful with girls as part of their ‘Get in There’ campaign. The apps were downloaded over 350,000 times. (Simplyzesty. 2012).






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