Week 8 : What are the Best Metrics to Evaluate Digital Marketing Campaign Performance?



Metrics can help marketers measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns, site traffics, lead generation and revenue and so on. Without using proper metrics to evaluate the performance, it is difficult for marketers to compare results of different marketing efforts and make rational decisions to reallocate their marketing budget across different channels to achieve their goals. (Forbes, 2015).

To measure effectiveness of different campaigns, there are several important metrics that marketers should look into. (Digital marketing Magazine.2015)


The number of clicks indicates the traffic generated from campaigns. To be mentioned, due to the different tracking methods, the clicks recorded on the ad server are usually not equal to the visits/ page views on Google Analytics.

CTR (Click Through Rate):

CTR measures how many viewers actually clicked on the ads. High CTR indicates high relevance between the ad creative/landing page with targeted audiences, also shows the efficiency of the different channels in terms of generating clicks/ traffic.



CPC (Cost Per Click):


CPC shows the average cost to bring a click for marketers. Although it seems good for marketer to have a low CPC level, it actually depends since clickers (for example teenagers) are not always those who convert. Marketers should clarify their main campaign goals first to decide which metrics are more relevant to look at.

Traffic Source:

When marketers launch different campaigns (search, display, retargeting, mobile, etc.), it is important to know the traffic source, i.e. keywords/sites that brought it. This could provide information and allow marketers to decide the allocation of marketing budget strategically.




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